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Getting Started Guide

Below are instructional videos that will help you get started with Ironhand. For more detailed information about Ironhand, please register an account in our Ironhand Academy (Click here) or contact one of our local distributors.

Introducing Ironhand

Introduction to Ironhand

How to equip yourself

Remote Control Usage

Glove Configuration

Introduction to Glove Configuration

The Smart Assist Profile

Connecting the Ironhand to the App

Maintenance & Size Guide

Storage and Charging

Cleaning the Ironhand System

Ironhand Size Guide

Ironhand System Size Guide

Data Analysis

Data analysis can be used to perform ergonomic risk evaluations on worktasks. Ironhand automatically collect data that can be presented according to the risk assessment methods HAL-TLV (Hand Activity Level) and DUET (Distal Upper Extremity Tool). 

Please contact one of our local distributors for more information. 

Why data analysis?

How to create reports

How to read a report