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Feb 7, 2024

First Carbonhand prescribed to a US Veteran

John Lamb, a US veteran living in Montana, is the first patient in the United States to be prescribed Carbonhand to assist with daily activities. Carbonhand is available to all US veterans through a network of sales agents covering over 80% of VA Medical Centers across the US. This first prescription paves the way for other US Veterans with impaired hand function to regain hand function and become more independent.

Mr. Lamb has inclusion body myositis (IBM), a rare autoimmune disease that primarily affects skeletal muscles with reduced muscle strength and endurance as characteristic symptoms. IBM differs from other types of autoimmune diseases with slowly progressive muscle weakness and muscle atrophy, finger flexor weakness is a central and early presenting symptom. Patients experience challenges in many areas of their lives. Gripping and holding objects as well as fine-motor activities are major parts of the challenges they face. Individuals with advanced IBM have difficulties holding utensils, gripping a glass to drink, holding a toothbrush, dressing and undressing as well as many other activities of daily living requiring grip. 

Carbonhand is a medical device in the form of a grip-enhancing glove that enables people with impaired hand function, like IBM, to regain the ability to use their hands. Sensors in the glove send signals to a sophisticated control system that activates motors that pull on artificial tendons sewn into the glove, creating a natural and dynamic grip. Several studies show that people with impaired hand function get a sustained and strong grip with Carbonhand, improving the user's ability to perform activities of daily living.

"I have lost 90% of my grip strength and have had difficulty doing everyday tasks, with the help of Carbonhand I can suddenly do things on my own and not rely on my wife and family to help me. I am very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to having a more active life again," says John Lamb, US Veteran.

“Carbonhand is fully covered by Veteran Affairs, and since its introduction in the US, we have met many veterans with different diagnoses whom can benefit from improved grip through the use of Carbonhand. We already have several veterans in various stages of the prescription process throughout the US and we are excited for them and their families at the opportunity for these veterans to benefit from Carbonhand. This breakthrough at Ford Harrison VA Medical Center in Montana marks the starting point for helping many veterans regain their freedom and independence," said Loren Wass, US Commercial Manager at Bioservo.

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