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A revolutionary assistive aid that gives power back to people with impaired hand function.

Carbonhand is available on ECAT

Carbonhand is available through Veteran Healthcare Supply Solutions on contract number SPE2D123D0007, ECAT Supplier Part Number: BSV BioP.1k.

For US Veterans with impaired hand function

Carbonhand is a revolutionary aid that gives back power to people with impaired hand function. Pressure sensors and advanced technology ensure the glove adds power in cases where the user’s own muscles are inadequate.

Carbonhand – A smart and intuitive grip-strengthening glove

Carbonhand is an assistive aid in the form of a grip-strengthening glove with pressure sensors in the fingers that sense when the user needs support. The pressure sensors detect when the user initiates a hand grip and the glove then applies the power needed to ensure a firm grip. Carbonhand comes in five different sizes for right and left hands.

Improves grip and endurance

Artificial tendons and electric motors add power to the glove ensuring endurance for people with impaired hand function. This enables activities in everyday life, at work or during rehabilitation.

Personal settings

Use the app to create and customise your own profiles. For example, you may need more support for leisure activities and less for simpler household activities. You can then easily switch between your profiles with the push of a button.

One glove, many possibilities

In addition to the actual glove, Carbonhand consists of a small power unit that distributes the power as required. You can wear Carbonhand on your back or around your waist, which allows it to be customised to suit the situation or your preferences.

Available for US Veterans

Are you or a loved one a US veteran with impaired hand function who like to know if Carbonhand would help to regain a stronger grip and perform daily activities?

Carbonhand may be available at your local VA Medical Center under order of prescription. To get started, tell us more about you, and we’ll tell you more about Carbonhand!

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Carbonhand may mean everything

The impact of Carbonhand is immediate. With an applied force of up to 20 Newtons (N) per finger, a large proportion of patients with impaired hand strength are able to regain the majority of their hand function and resume activities and household activities. In addition, multiple studies conclude that many patients enjoy a stronger grip, improved hand function and a more independent life.

More than 200 patients have used Carbonhand in a number of studies, showing the assistive effect of using Carbonhand. The participants have had underlying causes of impairments in their hands such as a stroke, peripheral nerve damage, plexus damage, traumatic injuries, spinal cord injuries or weakness due to age. It is always the user’s hand function and not the unique diagnosis that determines whether Carbonhand can assist the user or not.

The overall conclusion is that Carbonhand has helped the vast majority of patients to carry out activities they were unable to do previously giving them more independence and the opportunity to experience a better quality of life. A sustained and strong grip was perceived as the most beneficial effect while using Carbonhand.

User testimonial:

”I can be more active with my children. Because they are the world to me.”