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Moving beyond limitations

Bioservo is a world-leading company within wearable grip-strengthening systems. We empower people through our intuitive soft extra muscle technology. Our products improve the quality of life for our users, making them feel confident and self-sufficient. We exist for anyone in need of extra strength and endurance.

Motional intelligence™

Our intuitive, wearable technology works by enhancing the natural strength of the user. The powered glove gathers data from every movement, intuitively following what comes next. Preparing to be there when it’s needed, to help you hold. To be steady and strong.


Carbonhand is a revolutionary aid that gives back power to people with impaired hand function. Pressure sensors and advanced technology ensure the glove adds power in cases where the user’s own muscles are inadequate.



Built to keep operators strong, healthy and efficient. Ironhand strengthens the human grip, allowing operators to use less grip force when performing repetitive tasks. Less force used reduces fatigue, prevents strain injuries and reduces the need for sick leave as well as the costs associated with it. A healthier workforce means a happier and more efficient workplace.

Press releases

Meet us at Barrow Neuro-Rehabilitation Robotics and Technology Symposium

Barrow Neuro-Rehabilitation Robotics and Technology Symposium is coming up. On the 6th-7th of April we will arrange hands-on workshops with Carbonhand that will give you CEU…

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Study shows improved hand function using Carbonhand

Today, a study on Improved physical function using a power-enhancing glove in persons with Inclusion Body Myositis was presented at the Global Conference on Myositis in…

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First Carbonhand prescribed to a US Veteran

John Lamb, a US veteran living in Montana, is the first patient in the United States to be prescribed Carbonhand to assist with daily activities. Carbonhand is available to all US…

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