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World’s first soft robotic muscle strengthening system. Developed in collaboration with leading Fortune 500 companies


How the Ironhand® System Works

Ironhands’s function is similar to that of your hand. A hand grip is usually initiated from the muscles of the forearm and hand. Theses muscles pull the tendons that go out to the fingers.

Ironhand works the same way: The pressure sensitive sensors in the glove’s fingertips detect when the user grabs an object. A microcomputer calculates the amount of power to be added and small motors, in turn, pull in thin lines that go into the glove’s fingers. The lines pull the fingers and the extra force is created through the thin in-layered glove. The greater the pressure on the sensors, the more power the glove provides. Ironhand automatically adjusts the power added to the weight of the object to be lifted, making it intuitive. It can be tailored to the user’s requirements and workstation’s demands.

Highly adjustable

You can preset multiple profiles – different combinations of power, sensitivity, locking tendency and finger symmetry that are tailored to a specific person and a specific work task. When the presets are defined, the user can easily adjust the output and switch between these with a remote control that is located on the chest. This may be suitable if, for example, you are in need of different amounts of power at different times, or different presets for different tools. An assessment of the presets required is usually done prior to using the system. All adjustments can easily be done through the Ironhand application. The application is included in the system.

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