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World’s first soft robotic muscle strengthening system. Developed in collaboration with leading Fortune 500 companies


Ironhand® Virtual Demonstration

Automation and industrialization of factories and work sites have improved health and safety for workers, but has also led to more grasp intensive work tasks. This means exposure to high forces, repetitive and/or static work and a potential risk for the workers to develop strain injuries.

Today, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most common occupational disease in the EU and North America as well as one of the most important causes for long-term sick leave.

Ironhand® strengthens the human grip, allowing industry workers to use less grip force when performing repetitive tasks. Less force used reduces fatigue, prevents strain injuries and reduces the number of sick leave days as well as costs associated with it.

Join us for a free Ironhand® webinar

On 2 June at 4 PM (CET) we will host a free webinar where we will demonstrate the Ironhand® system and how it is used to keep workers strong healthy and efficient.

In the webinar we will go through:

  • An Introduction to Ironhand®
  • The benefits for the workers
  • How the system works
  • Suitable applications

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