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Getting Started Guide

Below are instructional videos that will help you get started with Carbonhand. For more detailed information about Carbonhand, please register an account in our Carbonhand Academy (Click here) or contact one of our local sales representatives.

Introducing Carbonhand

Introduction to Carbonhand

How to assemble Carbonhand

How to equip yourself

Carbonhand Daily Use 

Control Pad Functions

How to Charge Carbonhand

External Activation Button

Glove Configuration

Connecting to the App

Making adjustments

Glove Calibration and General Settings

Example of Activities

Lifting a Milk Carton (MS patient)

Holding a Hammer (MS patient)

Lifting Objects and Drinking (ALS patient)

Lifting Objects and Drinking (Spinal Cord Injury patient)

Various Daily Activities (Peripheral Nerve Injury patient)

Technical Information