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12 Oct, 2021

Rhino Tool House is revolutionizing manufacturing in the US with Ironhand 2.0

At Rhino Tool House, the core focuses are identifying and delivering the world’s most innovative industrial solutions to empower their customers to be more productive and maintain a safe environment for their workers. The Ironhand strengthening glove from Bioservo is one of the solutions they are offering customers, a solution that truly is revolutionizing both their customers productivity and work environment.

Ironhand 20 Production

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most common occupational diseases in industries in North America and the EU, as well as one of the main causes for long-term sick leave for workers. Ironhand strengthens the human grip, allowing operators to use less grip force when performing repetitive tasks. Less force used reduces fatigue, prevents strain injuries, and reduces the need for sick leave as well as the costs associated with it.

The new Ironhand 2.0 that was launched this summer has generated a lot of interest and Rhino Tool House has already delivering systems to companies that have a genuine interest in creating a safe work environment for their workers. Both to keep workers safe and healthy, but also to enable workers with different challenges to stay at work and eventually get back to work. The companies represent various industries, like the automotive industry, the construction industry, and the Consumer products manufacturing industry.

“We are excited to partner with Bioservo to bring Ironhand to the US market.  Being the Industry’s first and only powered, soft exoskeletal muscle support for the hand, Ironhand is changing the lives of the labor force across many market segments.  It’s fun to see new use cases develop every day from our existing customer base, as well as finding new customers with unique challenges we can help them overcome.”  - Joachim Grabo - Rhino Tool House Product Manager for Ironhand in USA

Rhino Tool House and Bioservo continue to identify use cases for the Ironhand at manufacturing locations throughout the United States.  The RTH Team of Sales Engineers and Application Specialists consult regularly with Engineering and Health/Safety professionals to prioritize the highest risk work tasks where Ironhand can provide the most immediate and sustainable impact to a worker's health, and the bottom line.

Major market segments with the most activity include:

  • Motor Vehicle Final Assembly and Tier Suppliers
  • Heavy Truck Manufacturing
  • Construction Equipment
  • Wind Energy and Power Generation
  • Consumer Products Manufacturing

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Mikael Wester, Marketing Director of Bioservo Technologies AB
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Joachim Grabo – Sales Engineer Upsatate SC
Phone: +1 888 727 7882

About Bioservo Technologies
Bioservo Technologies AB (publ) is a world leading company in wearable muscle strengthening systems for people in need of extra strength and endurance. All our innovative products and systems are designed to keep people strong, healthy and efficient.

The company has a unique global position within soft exoskeleton technology for the hand, both for industrial applications to improve the health for workers and to improve quality of life for people with reduced muscle strength.

Bioservo Technologies was founded in 2006 in collaboration between researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology and a doctor at Karolinska University Hospital. Bioservo Technologies is a Swedish public limited company with headquarters in Stockholm.

FNCA Sweden AB, +46(0)8 528 00399, is the Company’s Certified Adviser on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

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About Rhino Tool House
Rhino Tool House is an organization born of like-minded businesses dedicated to providing the highest level of detail, service, and support for the industrial market.  We continue to expand our footprint, our product and service offerings, and our expertise through strategic acquisitions, hiring and developing the most experienced personnel in this space, and a persistent ambition to be best partner for our customers anywhere in the industrial market.

Our key areas of focus include assembly, industry 4.0, material handling, automation and robotics, error proofing, wearable technology, custom solutions, pumps and hydraulics, as well as service and calibration services for everything we offer.

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