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07 Oct, 2022

Ironhand® secures the grip in luxury accessories

France has been a pioneer in introducing protective equipment such as the Ironhand grip-strengthening glove for construction and shipbuilding workers. Now Ironhand is entering a new industry segment, securing the grip of workers who produce leather bags and other accessories in the higher price ranges.

Bioservo's French distributor Gobio has been successful in providing companies with solutions to protect their workers, solutions such as Ironhand to prevent hand injuries and exoskeletons for other body parts. After the successes in the construction and shipbuilding industry, Gobio broadens its scope to other industries with manual intensive work, for example the agricultural, packaging and fashion industries.

One of the companies Gobio works with manufactures and sells bags and other luxury items in leather. The company has approximately 10 production facilities in France with over 4,000 leather workers and plans to open additional facilities to meet increasing demand. Producing articles in leather is laborious and tiring for hands as well as arms and shoulders. The company purchased 4 Ironhand systems from Gobio and conducted tests in mid-2021 where the workers gave very positive feedback. To ensure that Ironhand has a positive effect on the work environment, the company hired an independent consulting company specialized in carrying out ergonomic evaluations using EMG (electromyography). The study showed that Ironhand not only reduced fatigue and pain in the hands, but also in the arms and shoulders. In order to give more workers the opportunity to evaluate Ironhand, a couple of extra systems have also been rented for periods.

After Ironhand has been in use for just over a year, the company has now ordered two more Ironhand systems and in the next year the company is expected to purchase another 10-15 systems for other production facilities. The order value for an Ironhand system is on average about SEK 50,000.

"Processing and sewing leather products involve a lot of hand-intensive work, where Ironhand helps to avoid strain injuries and makes the work significantly easier. As awareness of Ironhand increases within the industry, new applications are constantly appearing where we make a big difference, says Petter Bäckgren, CEO at Bioservo. The rental company Loxam has also noticed a demand from leather processing companies and rents Ironhand systems to companies within the industry. Producing products in leather occurs in many industries both in Europe and the US and shows a great potential for Ironhand.”

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