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12 Jul, 2021

How does Eiffage Infrastructures prevent strain injuries in the hands?

Strain injuries, evil of the century in business? In constant progression, strain injuries, also called musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), have risen to the forefront of occupational diseases. This is the case for France, but also for Italy and Spain. According to health insurance, in 2015, MSDs accounted for more than 87% of occupational illnesses resulting in sick leave or financial compensation due to aftereffects.


The consequences of these occupational diseases are multiple: at the individual level, they result in suffering, functional disabilities and can compromise retention in employment; at the company level, they affect performance and often incur high costs. Companies are becoming aware of the need to strengthen the prevention of MSDs, especially in the hand, to improve the well-being of their employees, as well as to improve their attractiveness on the job market. They can be inspired by the prevention policy of the infrastructure branch of the Eiffage Group, which distinguished itself by participated in developing a robotic glove in 2017 with a Swedish biotechnology company, Bioservo.

Significant risk reduction
“Most people imagine a metallic structure inside the glove to help the user, whereas it is a fully flexible glove with artificial tendons actuated by a motor unit located in a small backpack. »Explains Erick Lemonnier. Indeed, this flexible and light glove provides its user with motorized assistance allowing the operator to reduce or compensate for the physical constraints linked to handling. Sensors on the fingertips and in the palm record user pressure in real time. This data is transmitted to the servomotors which will develop a force replacing the effort that the operator should have provided. "This equipment does not interfere with the movements of the wearer. Our operators can continue to carry out their tasks, without any discomfort, but with an amplification of the strength of their hand up to 80 newtons "continues Erick Lemonnier. Depending on the type and frequency of handling tools or objects, the Eiffage Infrastructures teams have measured a 25% to 86% reduction in risk over a working day. "As for user satisfaction, it is measured by the size XL of their smile at the end of the day" laughs Erick Lemonnier.

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Christophe Pialot, Sales Director, Bioservo Technologies AB
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Erick Lemonnier, Directeur Prévention Sécurité, Eiffage Branche Infrastructures
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