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Aug 16, 2023

Carbonhand available in the US through Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions

Bioservo signs a wholesale distributor agreement with Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions for sales of Carbonhand in the US. The initial intent of the agreement is to make Carbonhand available for Veterans Administration Facilities (VA) and Department of Defense Healthcare Facilities (DoD). The agreement can also be expanded to include other customer segments. 

Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions (VHSS) has over 30 years of healthcare distribution management experience and represents leading manufacturers to federal government agencies. Established in 2010, VHSS has been a veteran-driven medical product distribution company and has taken the collective experience of its workforce to the front lines of veterans’ medical care. VHSS expanded its reach to service all federal government agencies with a well-diversified portfolio of products. In honoring a legacy of service and commitment, VHSS prides itself on a tradition of employing a majority veteran workforce.

VHSS currently has several contracts for the government to use to purchase goods and services. The plan is to include Carbonhand in the Electronic Catalog Contract for Medical Equipment (ECAT) within the coming month and in the Federal Supply Schedule 65 II A- Medical Equipment and Supplies (FSS) later this year.

"We are starting to get the commercial structure in place, the wholesale distribution and logistics are important pieces that now are checked off. Through Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions, Carbonhand is included in critical supply agreements and made available to Veterans Administration Facilities (VA). Discussions with sales distributors in selected geographies are ongoing and we are confident that we will have the first agreements in place within a short time” says Petter Bäckgren, CEO of Bioservo.

For more information, please contact,
Petter Bäckgren, CEO, Bioservo Technologies AB
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Mikael Wester, Marketing Director, Bioservo Technologies AB
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