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Nov 16, 2022

Arbetsförmedlingen and Bioservo help people return to work

People who suffer from impaired hand function often find it difficult to continue working, or to return to work after rehabilitation. The Swedish Public Employment Service, Arbetsförmedlingen, works actively with new technology to help people, an example is the grip-strengthening glove Carbonhand® from Bioservo.

Carbonhand som arbetshjlpmedel

Bioservo and Arbetsförmedlingen have collaborated for several years and helped people with impaired hand function to continue working or be able to start working again after undergoing rehabilitation. People who suffer from impaired hand function can be found in various industries and professions, for example craftsmen, mechanics and service personnel, but also various types of office workers. 

Linus Vehmanen is one of the people who has been helped. He is diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a hereditary disease that causes hypermobile joints and weak grip strength in the hands. Linus works as a train technician at Västtrafik's railway depot. The work involves a lot of heavy lifting where a strong grip is required. By using Carbonhand, Linus gets extra strength and stability in his hands and can perform his work easily and safely.

"I can now lift and hold heavy machines, such as a nutcracker, without problems. I have the grip-strenghtening glove for both right and left hands, but usually only use it on the right. With my left hand I make fine adjustments, and it's easier without a glove,” says Linus.

"We are very happy about the collaboration with Arbetsförmedlingen where we have been able to help Linus and many others to get back to work and continue to feel included", says Mikael Wester, Marketing Director at Bioservo and continues: "Most of us don't think about how important it is to be able to use our hands to hold and handle various everyday objects and tools. Carbonhand is a completely revolutionary aid that gives the user a safe and strong grip. For many, it is the difference between being independent and living a rich life and being dependent on assistance from others.”

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