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Human perspective - testimonials

Maj-Britt, zoo keeper

” I feel a lot more confident when wearing the glove.”

Maj-Britt is a zoo keeper at Lycksele Zoo in Sweden, and has been working there since the 70’s. It is a fantastic job for the one who loves animals but is also a tough and tiresome job which involves continuous lifting. There are a lot of buckets with food to carry and they are heavy. 

With time, Maj-Britt suffered from wear damage in her hands. Combined with arthritis, made it more and more difficult for her to manage her duties and eventually she became part-time sick.

Through a Swedish corporate health care company, Previa, she came in contact with Bioservo and was able to try SEM Glove (the predecessor to Carbonhand®). Together they applied to “Försäkringskassan” in order to receive the glove as a work equipment and got it granted.

-When I first tried it, I was impressed by how flexible the glove is. We immediately sent a request to “Försäkringskassan” to give me access to the glove, and initially, I rented it for three months to see what results it could give.

Maj-Britt immediately noticed how great of a help the glove was when carrying heavy or performing other exhausting tasks.

-But, when at the office, I do not wear the glove. Only for the heavy duties.

Since she started using the glove, it is not only easier for her to perform, but her pain has also decreased. She is now able to lift and work as normal without any pain.

-I feel a lot more confident in my job when I am wearing the glove. I know that I will have the strength to hold on, and do not longer have to worry about losing my grip.

Maj-Britt using our robotic glove on a daily basis when lifting heavy buckets to feed the animals

Daniel, mechanic

” The glove has meant so incredibly much for me.”

Three years ago, Daniel had a stroke which affected his right side. His right hand became completely paralyzed and his balance was affected.

With intensive physiotherapy to increase the movement in his shoulder, arm and hand, the function in his hand eventually returned, even though it was still worse than before.

With help from “Arbetsförmedlingen” och” Försäkringskassan”, Daniel had the possibility to use the SEM Glove (the predecessor to Carbonhand®) in his work. Besides the fact that he can now work as a repairer of lawn mowers and bicycles, he experiences that the rehabilitation of his hand function has become more effective. He can now use his hand to a greater extent than before, and therefore he automatically trains more.

-The glove has meant so much to me and I have movement in my hand. The SEM Glove increases my power so that I can hold on to things, while new muscles and new nerves are recovered. 

Daniel using Carbonhand® when working on his beloved vehicle.