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Bioservo Technologies AB Interim Report January – March 2022 (regulatory information)

Bioservo is investing further in Life Science

World’s first soft robotic muscle strengthening system. Developed in collaboration with leading Fortune 500 companies


Everyday is a revolution

Since releasing our very first revolutionary active grip support glove way back in 2013 we have spent eight years improving it.
After thousands of hours in development we are finally ready to take a big  step into the future of hand healthcare.

Try it. Feel it. Believe it!

With the latest generation of technology, enhanced user experience and functionality, Carbonhand is about to revolutionize everyday life for people with impaired hand function all over the world. With the dynamic and highly sensitive grip force assist, Carbonhand will support users in all activities in daily life as well as during rehabilitation. From peeling an egg in the morning to social activities in the evening.

“It has given me a great deal; it got my hand going again”

- MS patient1

Proven to improve

With many unique features Carbonhand is developed for both assistive and rehabilitation use. Several clinical studies with close to 200 participants show statistically significant improvements in grip strength, hand functionality and other outcome measurements.

After four weeks of Carbonhand use2:

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1. Susanne Palmcrantz, Jeanette Plantin, Jörgen Borg (2019) Factors affecting the usability of an assistive soft robotic glove after stroke or multiple sclerosis.
J Rehabil Med 2020; 52: jrm00027

2. Radder B, Prange-Lasonder G.B, Kottink A, Holmberg J, Sletta K, van Dijk M et al. (2019) Home rehabilitation supported by a wearable soft-robotic device for improving hand function in older adults: A pilot randomized controlled trial.
PLoS ONE 14(8): e0220544 

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