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Today, the first Carbonhand[®] systems are delivered to patients (regulatory information)

The nomination committee appointed before Bioservo's annual general meeting in 2023

World’s first soft robotic muscle strengthening system. Developed in collaboration with leading Fortune 500 companies


Support and Warranty


For support issues related to Ironhand, please contact Bioservo customer support via email:


Follow the procedure below for warranty claims:

• Check the Ironhand’s functionality by doing a performance test.

• If an error occurs, do not use the glove. Consult the “Troubleshooting” documentation.

• If no solution can be found, please note that no service can be done by the operator.

• Fill out the form below. If possible, include photos or other types of documentation that clarifies the problem.

• When the defect is confirmed by Bioservo, return the failed equipment to the supplier.

• Make sure the package is well protected during shipping.

• If a battery is shipped, please include the battery safety data sheet (SDS).

• The faulty equipment will be repaired or replaced and sent back as quickly as possible.

Warranty Claim Form

Customer company name
7-digits, starts with two letters, ends with five figures.

Thank you for submitting the warranty claim.

We will get back to you shortly.


The Bioservo Team