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Notice to Annual General Meeting in Bioservo Technologies AB (publ) (regulatory information)

Carbonhand achieves regulatory approval in Australia

World’s first soft robotic muscle strengthening system. Developed in collaboration with leading Fortune 500 companies


Team Bioservo

We believe that our employees are what makes Bioservo successful. At Bioservo, there is a mix of talented people from all kinds of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. All together, we speak over ten different languages.

Together we create a unique atmosphere that is highly motivating and makes us proud of what we do. In everything we do, we invest our heart and soul, we are passionate about challenging status quo. We are technology nerds and proud of it. Together we form an unbeatable team of super heroes.

Research & Development

Our team consists of software and electronics engineers, mechanical and industrial designers, tailors and researchers. We really look at the development of our products holistically. Together we design and develop all our products. Our superpowers are precision, innovation, poker and music.


A team of passionate young people, assembling all of our innovative products that are shipped to our customers all over the world. We love to work with the details that make our products unique. Our superpowers are planning, production, unicycling, kickflip and haute cuisine.

Sales & Marketing

We are a compact team spreading the word about our products and technology over the entire world. Every chance we get, we talk about changing the future of manual labor as well as help people regain their strength. Our superpowers are convincing argumentation, positive energy, photography, motorcycle-riding, imitating dialects and frisbee golf.


Our CEO,CFO and QA/RA lead us through thick and thin. Our superpowers are Excel, strong leadership, and gardening.

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