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Robotic gloves enable Joakim to work again

Mikael Wester new Marketing Director for Bioservo Technologies AB

World’s first soft robotic muscle strengthening system. Developed in collaboration with leading Fortune 500 companies


Our technology

Our patented SEM technology (Soft Extra Muscle) is one of a kind. Our products are unique in the sense that they are soft active exoskeletons for the hand.

It is lightweight, flexible at the joints and is intended to be worn as clothing. Our mission is to provide modern bionic technology to create innovative, non-invasive wearable aids that strengthen the body’s everyday power and functions. The technology is applicable to various body parts and is easy to use, even for an entire day.

Our first commercial product was the SEM Glove (predecessor to our Carbonhand®), it provided extra force and endurance to people with a weak hand grip. The SEM technology concept ventures significantly beyond other state-of-the-art devices by introducing an “intention detection” logic that activates the support if, and only if, the wearer initiates movement with a natural and intuitive movement. This is achieved by sensors that detect the user’s action and strengthens this action by activating the motors. These respond immediately, and in a natural way, to facilitate the intended movement. This means that our gloves detect when the user grasps an object, and the harder the user grasps the more power is provided.

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