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Robotic gloves enable Joakim to work again

Mikael Wester new Marketing Director for Bioservo Technologies AB

World’s first soft robotic muscle strengthening system. Developed in collaboration with leading Fortune 500 companies


Our story

Hans von Holst, a neurosurgeon at Karolinska Hospital, had for some time wanted a product that enhances existing strength. His patients had some mobility in the arm and hand, but were too weak to do things that required strength. 

Combining robotics and medical expertise

Hans wanted to help his patients to make use of the function that they had left. Jan Wikander, professor in Mechatronics at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), had long worked with robots of various kinds. Among these was a robotic hand. Hans and Jan saw the opportunity to use the same robotic technology and turn it into a bionic glove with super powers. The idea was to create a glove that can help prevent stress injuries, can be used in rehabilitation and provide support to people during their daily activities at home or at work. 

This idea was presented to Johan Ingvast, PhD, who started to turn this vision into a product starting in May 2006. As a result, the three founded Bioservo Technologies. Until today Hans is still an active contributor to the company holding a position in the Board of Directors. Thanks to this background we combine the best of two worlds: medical expertise with modern robotic technology to create innovative bionic, strength-supplying products for people with reduced muscle strength or in need of extra power. Bioservo has its headquarters and production in Kista, north of Stockholm, Sweden.

Our Story
Bioservo's first prototype in 2006