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Today, the first Carbonhand[®] systems are delivered to patients (regulatory information)

The nomination committee appointed before Bioservo's annual general meeting in 2023

World’s first soft robotic muscle strengthening system. Developed in collaboration with leading Fortune 500 companies


Awards and recognitions


In July 2020 Ironhand® won the NASA Commercial Invention of the Year Award. In the motivation, they write: "Robo-Glove in its commercial product form of Ironhand® has far exceeded the current state of the art which includes: uncomfortable hand exoskeletons, passive grip strengthening gloves, or low strength rehabilitation gloves.

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In October 2019, Ironhand® won the Best Solution for Industry award at the IoT World Congress.

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In October 2019, Eiffage Energie Systèmes was presented with the prize ” MASE Awards Normandie Île-de-France” for our joint development of Ironhand®. MASE Normandie is an organization for industrial safety certification.

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In October 2019, we won an award together with Eiffage for our joint project to develop Ironhand®. The prize was presented at the 24th ”Cadre de Vie Awards” which is a part of the FimbACTE festival.

The competition involves companies with innovative projects in architecture, social structure and construction. This year 90 companies participated with their projects. The prize was presented at the 24th ”Cadre de Vie Awards” which is a part of the FimbACTE festival.

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In September 2019, our development partner Eiffage was awarded the prize ”Trophée du Bien-être au Travail” for its efforts to prevent repetitive strain injuries through the use of Ironhand® in various manual operations. The award rewards products, systems, services or initiatives that improve wellbeing and was presented at an event focused on this theme.


In 2018, Carbonhand® was awarded the prestigious German Innovation Award in the category of Medicine and Health. The jury found our imitation of complexity in the grip and holding process as excellent.

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Our SEM ™ technology has been recognized by the Swedish initiative Robotdalen. Robotdalen is a catalyst for the development and implementation of new ideas and solutions in robotics.

We received the coveted Robotdalen Innovation Award 2012. The jury found our technique to be an excellent example of non-invasive adaptive robot assistance.