Press release - Stockholm, June 10, 2014: ironHand project • Bioservo Technologies


Press release – Stockholm, June 10, 2014: ironHand project

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The project develops a robotic glove for older persons that are experiencing a loss in hand function, due to different health complications (arthritis, stroke, neuropathy) and age related muscle loss. Reduced hand function has a large impact on quality of life and the capability to work and perform activities of daily living. The ironHand glove adds extra strength to the handgrip and other relevant hand movements, supporting older persons in everyday activities. 

 Please see press-release above (pdf) for full story

More about the ironHand glove

The iron Hand glove enables older adults with impaired hand function due to weak grip to continue managing their work occupation and community activities while preserving health and motivation to remain active.  Weak grip is a common condition of older adults preventing them from performing everyday activities such as gardening, handiwork, etc. It can result from sarcopenia (normal degenerative loss of muscle mass related to aging) or be a consequence of acute diseases (such as stroke) or chronic diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis).

Exercise and increases in activity have been shown to be beneficial in settings of sarcopenia, even in the very old. Therefore, the Iron Hand glove will adapt the level of support so it still requires a mildly challenging effort from the user, instead of completely replacing the user force.