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technologyResearch and development is our backbone. Bioservo combines excellence from medical devices with knowledge of mechatronics and health robotics. We have a number of renown partners both in Sweden and internationally in academia, healthcare, industry, ergonomics, and safety. Within healthcare, we are currently working on the development of our SEM™ technology for rehabilitation, e.g. stroke rehabilitation where we believe that the rehabilitation can be made more motivating and efficient and the recovery time can be shortened. In industrial applications and the factory floor, we see a great potential to use SEM™ technology proactively to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and repetitive stress injuries and to improve efficiency and quality of work.
Bioservo also partakes in several major EU projects aimed at developing new technologies for the elderly population.
Are you a university or college graduate in mechatronic or rehabilitation technology, or anything else that you think may be of interest to us? Get in touch. Maybe we can cooperate!