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It is of ever increasing interest in the manufacturing industry to be aligned with the below main trends. In order to be a sustainable business every industrial manufacturer must turn human-centric to succeed with future challenges.

The three main trends in manufacturing industry:

1. Ergonomics:
It is a well-known fact today that providing an ergonomically adjusted environment saves money. Keeping experienced and key employees fit at work instead of worn-out at home is essential to a successful manufacturing operation.

2. Human-machine-relationship:
Maturing and optimizing this synergy is and will be essential for the factory floor.

3. Aging workforce:
Especially in but not limited to Europe; skilled labour is at risk of becoming a scarce resource, particularly in certain industries. And when regulators try to save financially strained pension plans by pushing the retirement age forward, companies must find ways to sustain workers with for instance wearable technology.

Finding the right tools and wearable technology to fit these trends is key. The Bioservo SEM™ technology is a great opportunity. Wearing this technology can help prevent repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). These can occur quickly when operating a tool for an extended time or with repetitive motions.
With the help our partners in the manufacturing industry, we are currently working on creating a new state-of-the-art bionic glove that will be available during 2017. Cooperating with important players in the industry at this stage will ensure that we are creating a solution that can be used by many. We are testing it on the factory floor from the start.

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