prevention of strain injuries with our bionic SEM™ technology


Strain-injury prevention:
reduce the impact of intense manual labor with bionic cutting-edge SEM™ technology

On today’s factory floor, the worker is irreplaceable. Instead of replacing humans with robots or other automation solutions it is instead of ever increasing interest to enhance the human worker on the factory floor. The intelligence and flexibility of mankind are unmatched. They are and will be an essential part of every production or factory floor. In these working environments jobs tend to be very labor intense and strenuous which can lead to strain injuries or other problems. It is therefore crucial that the ergonomics of the working place are thought through and well optimized to the worker’s needs. The burden of manual labor needs to be reduced. Another aspect to remember is the aging population. That combined with welfare policy changes future workforces will have to work longer and will, therefore, need to be equipped to do so without breaking apart. A disruptive technology is needed.

Balance can be restored with a state-of-the-art exoskeleton solution



1. Wearable robotics
Our bionic glove can support with grip-intense monotonous tasks by adding extra power and endurance to the wearer’s hands. It is a small and lightweight wearable.


2. Minimize risk for Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
By supporting the wearer during strenuous work tasks, the risk for MSD can be reduced. The Bioservo SEM™ technology provides strength and endurance when needed the most – enhancing the human body in general and the upper extremities in particular.


3. Industry 4.0
Our technology provides you with the possibility to include the human worker into the Industry 4.0 concept. With the help of our glove, you can also identify weak spots in your workplace ergonomics by collecting data and enabling connectivity throughout the working day. This will provide invaluable statistics and facts to create an optimized and injury-free workplace second to none.


4. Increased Health and Safety
Comply or even exceed regulations by making the factory floor a safer and healthier place to work. This will also attract more talent to your organization.


5. Efficiency and quality of work
By supporting the worker when they need it the most, the quality and efficiency of the production line does not have to slow down. The worker him/herself controls how much support they need in order to complete their job and still have energy left when they go home. By providing support you can also ensure an even quality of the work output. Quality naturally suffers from workers fatigue which can now be prevented and possibly eliminated.


6. Save time and money
Being on sick leave is neither beneficial to the company nor the worker. Both have a lot to gain by minimizing the risk for a leave of absence. Receiving support when needed, conserves energy and strength of the worker. The wearer of Bioservo robotics can recover while working actively.


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