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Case Reports

adult helping senior in hospitalWe have compiled brief descriptions of cases and user situations with the SEM Glove™ to showcase examples of before and after scenarios. The case descriptions should be seen as a complement to our user stories and can serve as a guide in the reflections if the SEM Glove™ is suitable for various conditions or injuries. Please contact us if you have any questions about the contents of the case descriptions, or if you want to know more.

Problem: Man in his 60s who suffered a right-sided stroke a few years ago. Poor balance, difficulty in coordination of movement and difficulties keeping a firm grip with the left hand. Sensitivity in the same hand is impaired. This leads to an unreliable grip. He has lost the feeling for how hard he must grip in order not to lose an object placed in his hand at the same time he has no strength. He has relatively good grip if he is standing / sitting completely still and, for example, has to lift a cup. As soon as he must move an object from one place to another, his grip is much more unreliable. He has, therefore, difficulties to use his left hand in the everyday chores at home and is completely dependent on his wife.
He loves gardening, but as this often requires two hands, he is unable to do that since his stroke. It is hard to plant and take care of plants with one hand only.

Solution: He uses a SEM Glove™ on his left hand. Not many adjustments needed on the glove as it sits well on his hand.

Result: With the SEM Glove™, he has become more independent at home and does not have to ask his wife for help all the time. He can also work more in the garden again which, also affects his mental well-being highly.

Neuromuscular Disease
Problem: Woman in her 60s with neuromuscular disease (Charcot Marie Tooth).
Generally weak throughout the body but especially her hands. She has very poor grip. Right hand is the weakest so mostly her left hand is active. This weakness makes it difficult to perform common household chores involving gripping and lifting things. She needs both hands to lift a coffee cup. She is unable e.g. to lift a milk carton out of the fridge, lift washing detergent, dishes etc.

Solution: She gets a SEM Glove™ size Small for her left hand as this hand is strongest. Her right hand is too weak. The artificial tendons in the glove’s fingers are slightly shortened and the sensors are moved higher into the fingertip area.

Result: With the SEM Glove™ she is more independent at home. She does not have to ask for help with everything or wait for a family member to come by her home to take out a milk carton from the refrigerator, lift her coffee pot or a pan.


Problem: Man in his 40s with cerebral palsy. His left side including his hand and foot are spastic, and he has impaired fine motor skills in his hand. Insufficient strength in the left hand / arm and foot / leg. He works as a technician and carries around computer parts, cables, tools and accessories. Similar difficulties at home. At this point he has none or very poor grip in his hand and has difficulty carrying things.

Solution: A SEM Glove™ for his left hand.
Result: The SEM Glove™ saves both time and strength at work. The glove is helpful in most everyday activities, such as when carrying bags from his car, or other activities that involve lifting and carrying.

Hand Injury
Problem: Man in his 50s who has severely injured his right hand. After many surgeries, his hand is healed but he has very little grip. He has constant pain in his hand and it is difficult to carry heavier things other than with the left hand. He is working in an industrial warehouse and carries tools and supplies daily.

Solution: We customize a SEM Glove™, all three fingers in the glove are adjusted in length as well as the sensors were moved to better suit the user.

Result: Huge improvement. The glove adds extra power needed for him to be able to work more independently. It is helpful in everything he does, both at work and at home. He has now been able to strengthen muscles his right arm, which prevents future damage.

Hand Injury
Problem: Woman in her 30s with an injury in her wrist and hand after an accident. Operated several times but has major problems with strength, endurance and pain. She works in a supermarket and has very varied tasks. She easily becomes overloaded and then pain arises which makes it unbearable for her to work. The injury includes problems with sensitivity to cold, which makes it difficult to work in refrigeration section of the supermarket as well as the counter with fruit and vegetables.

Solution: SEM Glove™ for the right hand. In addition to the SEM Glove™ heat gloves are used on both hands.

Result: The increased strength provided by the SEM Glove™ allows the user to continue to work. She has experienced reduced pain and greater endurance. She has no difficulty switching between different tasks and uses the heat gloves when working with refrigerated goods. In combination with other work aids, she has the opportunity to continue her work without having to reduce working hours.