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Healthcare professionals


In Europe, North America and Japan alone, more than 50 million people are estimated to suffer from a weak hand due to illness, injury, stroke or old age. Until now, no real long-term solution has been available to ease their difficulties. Our mission is to help people regain strength in their grip and/or support lacking endurance in the grip.
Combining the latest medical expertise, robot technology, ergonomics and wearable technology together with academia and private initiatives, we could launch a technology that is unique on the market.

Our SEM Glove™ is a CE marked Medical Device.
Under the fourth version of ISO 9999 it is classified as aid in the following categories:
24 18 03 Devices for grasping. Products for grasping an object which replace the gripping function of the hands
06 06 07 Hand-finger orthoses. Orthoses that encompass the whole or part of the hand and the whole or part of one or more fingers