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Press release – Stockholm, June 10, 2014: ironHand project10.06.2014

The project develops a robotic glove for older persons that are experiencing a loss in hand function, due to different health complications (arthritis, stroke, neuropathy) and age related muscle loss. Reduced hand function has a large impact on quality of life and the capability to work and perform activities of daily living. The ironHand glove adds extra strength to the handgrip and other relevant hand movements, supporting older persons in.

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Press release – Stockholm, February 28, 2014: Informed elderly consumers make demands of new aid technology28.02.2014

Towards the end of last year studies were conducted in the Netherlands and Sweden as part of the international Iron Arm project, which is an element of the European Commission’s SILVER project (Supporting Independent LiVing for the Elderly through Robotics). These studies aimed to clarify how elderly people with and without functional disabilities affecting hands or arms felt about using aids in everyday life. The studies revealed that people are.

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Press release – Stockholm, December, 2013: New ‘robotic glove’ improves quality of life for stroke victims13.12.2013

In the next two years a new innovation called ‘HandinMind’ will improve the quality of everyday life for many, including patients who have suffered a stroke. Thanks to a flexible glove it will be possible to carry out tasks which would otherwise be impossible for the patient to manage. “HandinMind’s purpose matches up well with our ambition of further improving the vital rehabilitation after a stroke,” says Jörgen Borg, professor.

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